How To Get Rid Of Whiskey Smell In The Car

How To Get Rid Of Whiskey Smell In The Car

Drinking in the car with friends can be fun, so long that nobody engages in drunk driving at any point of the night. However you may want to eliminate the annoying whiskey smell the morning after. It just won’t leave your car no matter how hard you try? Then read on, for we have the remedy to this situation.

The easiest way to get rid of the whiskey smell in your car would be to expose the car to heat. It is also possible to use deodorizing powder to absorb and eliminate the smell. Also, there are sprays strong enough to eliminate the whiskey smell immediately. They help clear the car of smell if used right after the whisky spill.

In the likelihood that whiskey spills inside your car, it is necessary that you try to get rid of it immediately and in the right way.

Solutions to The Whiskey Smell in Your Car

There are different ways to get rid of this smell, most of which are methods you can easily do without help.

Using Heat

A very straightforward remedy is exposing your car to heat. The heat can be natural or artificial, meaning if you spill whiskey inside your vehicle, you can immediately expose it to sunlight by opening all the car doors and allowing the sun to hit directly. This exposure allows the smell to evaporate, leaving your car whiskey free.

If there is no direct sunlight, in that case, you can use an alternative heat source like a hairdryer.

Note that the heat generated is more concentrated when using a hairdryer, so it is advisable not to take it too close to the spilled spot. We find it better to position the dryer at an angle where you can control the heat. This way, the risk of setting fire to your car’s interior is limited.

Deodorizing Powder

Another very effective way to get rid of the whiskey smell in your car is to use deodorizing powder to help absorb the odor. 

All you need to do is pour a little inside the car, then close the doors so the powder can absorb the smell. Leave for a few hours and when you are ready, open the doors and vacuum the powder. It is that simple.

You can purchase the ready-to-go carpet deodorizing powder or make a DIY home powder. 

These are the ingredients you will need with the quantity to make one.

Borax1\2 cup
Baking soda1\2 cup
Essential oilCinnamon\cassia blend
7-10 drops
Lavender essential oil7-10 drops
Peppermint essential oil7-10 drops

These ingredients are carefully selected to absorb any smell coming from the carpet or seat of your car, and you can vacuum right after it has served its purpose.

Spray Method

Yet another effective way to rid your car of the smell of whiskey is using a spray that can immediately eliminate any odor. There are products designed to help eliminate smells like whiskey and freshen the air. These sprays can be easily accessed and kept for future purposes.

Remember that before you turn to these remedies after spilling whiskey, you must understand that you should ensure your car is open with access to air so that the smell does not settle. If it sinks, it will make getting rid of the smell harder. Exposing your vehicle to air immediately after spillage makes it easier to remove the smell permanently.

Employing the Vinegar Solution

Another simple method to remove the smell of whiskey from your car is leaving a bowl of white vinegar and water to help eliminate the lingering odor of whiskey from your vehicle. White vinegar contains acetic acid that can help to neutralize odor.

White vinegar is a natural deodorizer and is proven to be effective. If you do not want to risk the vinegar and water combination from the bowl spilling inside your car. In that case, you can mix it inside a spray bottle and spray it in certain corners of your vehicle. If you have, you can also combine it with essential oil to leave your car odorless.

Is Whiskey the Only Type of Alcohol That Can Cause a Car to Smell?

Ideally, alcohol does not have a distinct smell, but by making different types with different blends, coupled with the difference in the years of maturation, it develops its smell.

Whiskey is one blend that leaves a smell because it is made from malted barley and other grains like wheat. It must be matured in an oak cask for a minimum of three years before it becomes whisky. Because of the blend and flavor, it absorbs from the barrel, it is bound to smell more.

Another type of alcohol bound to have a smell is rum. Rum is made by fermenting sugarcane or molasses and sometimes both. It is stored and left to mature in an oak cask, and the combination of the blends and the flavor from the cask gives rum its unique smell.

Brandy is also one of the types of alcohol with its distinct smell. It involves using pears or apples, peaches or grapes, and we know these flavors also come with their smell. In fermentation and maturing, it is bound to have its smell too.

Tequila, especially the gold strain, also comes with its smell. It is made from the blue agave plant and is stored in an oak barrel after fermentation and distillation. This process not only gives tequila its scent but also gives its color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will a Whiskey Spill Leave a Stain?

A: You can be sure that it will leave a significant stain on the surface it spills on. However, with help from a decent bleach, you can be sure that the stain will come out.

Q: Can Whiskey Stain My Teeth?

A: If you have a habit of drinking whiskey very often, there is a high chance that it will leave a stain on your teeth. You can fix this by using baking soda to brush your teeth or, better still, visit a dentist.

Final Thoughts

It is much safer to avoid leaving open alcohol inside your car. This is because the legal rule on open liquor states that any liquor whose seal is broken should be stored on the rooftop, the truck’s bed, or the car’s trunk. However, if the liquor is sealed, you can leave it in your car’s glove compartment or center console.


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