How To Get Rid Of Fart Smell In the Car

How To Get Rid Of Fart Smell In the Car

Fart smells can be embarrassing, especially when it lingers in the car. In some cases, it is an unintentional action by the driver, passengers, or even your canine or feline in the car. It can also be a result of medical conditions. Whatever the case, it makes driving unpleasant, and you need to find a solution quickly. 

To eliminate the fart smell in your car, you need to combat the odor manually. To do this, apply air purifiers, deodorant sprays, and soft cleaners to counteract it. Make sure you open the doors and wind down the windows first. This will propel the fart smell to diffuse faster.

We bet you didn’t know that when fart smell is allowed to linger in a car for an extended period, it can damage the seats and the car fittings, making driving unbearable. In this article, we’ll show you just how to deal with fart smells in cars medically and through purifying tools.

Ways to Get Rid of Fart Smell in Your Car

Getting rid of the fart smell in the car is possible. All you need to do is follow the steps we’ll discuss here.

  • Opening the car windows and doors
  • Use of carbon-friendly materials
  • Odor purifier
  • DIY car cleaners

Step 1: Allow Diffusion by Opening all Windows and Doors

This should be your quick and effective reaction to a fart odor in your car. It allows the odor to dissipate outside and be replaced by fresh air. Due to the diffusion process of fart smell, it is best to open the front window first before opening the back windows to create an even turbulent flow through the car.

Step 2: Use High-Quality Car Odor Purifiers

Powder deodorizers, steam cleaners, and odor extractors are excellent adsorbent agents that can easily absorb any toxic odor, such as the lingering fart smell in your car. These car purifier agents are highly sensitive and can easily suck up any unpleasant odor from your car, whether inside or outside.

Step 3: Apply Do-It-Yourself Car Interior Cleaners

DIY car interior cleaners will come in handy when dealing with odors in your vehicle. This allows you to avoid using more complicated and costly chemicals that may have toxic side effects. You can easily eliminate the fart smell with DIY car interior cleaners like CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer and GRIOT’S Garage Interior.

How to Prevent Farts From Occurring and Spreading in the Car

Like we said in the opening paragraph, farts can be intentional and unintentional. In this section we’ll discuss how to prevent farts smells. There are two ways to do this. There is the;

  • Medical Solution
  • Manual Solution

The Medical Solution

The medical solution focuses more on how you can prevent the need for farting in the first place, focusing on how to help your body avoid gas build up. Here’s how to medically tackle the smell of fart in a car

  • Diet ingestion control
  • Reduced intake of carbonated drinks
  • Wearing fart pads

Regulate Your Diet Ingestion

To avoid stomach clogging, which can result in irregular fart release, you must be mindful of what you consume. Take a multivitamin supplement with plenty of water every day to ease digestion. Proper nutrient intake also has medical benefits because it improves overall health and well-being.

Take Less Carbonated Drinks

This is simple. Carbonated drinks contain a lot of air, which causes the body to produce carbon dioxide that eventually escapes as uncontrollable flatulence, you need to learn to control your ingestion of not only carbonated beverages, but also  chewing gums to avoid inhaling too much air, which can cause the spread of fart gasses in your car.

Wear Deodorizing Fart Pads

This is medically recommended for people that have colon cancer and digestive ingestion to help them deal with their irregular fart release. 

Deodorizing fart pads contain activated carbon that helps you trap farts from your body. It comes easy when you wear it as underwear, and only you will know you ever farted.

Other medical solutions to prevent the stench of smelly farts in cars include:

  • Drinking plenty of water to aid digestion and excretion.
  • Consuming more probiotic foods such as yogurt and pickles to aid your body’s metabolism.
  • Avoiding excess beer, alcohol, cigarettes, and other beverages containing excess gasses would be best.
  • Eating in small portions rather than large amounts at once, to aid digestion.
  • Seeking additional help from your doctor or a medical practitioner.

The Manual Solution

Manually, you can tackle the smell of fart by;

Cover Your Car Seats with Carbon-Friendly Materials

Carbon-friendly materials contain molecules that can trap the odor of unpleasant farts in your car. Replace your car seats and interior covers with carbon-friendly materials such as faux leather, suede, and carpet.

Factors that Determine How Long a Fart Smell Will Linger Around in a Car? 

The lingering effect of a fart smell in a car can be linked to a number of factors. Some of which include; 

The Strength of the Hydrogen Sulfide in the Gas

One of the main causes of smelly fart is your diet choice. Everyone farts, however, the strength of the hydrogen sulfide gas in a fart increases the nastiness of the fart. So, it’s only normal that the stronger the hydrogen sulfide in the gas, the longer the fart smell will linger. Here is a list of foods that might contain high amounts of hydrogen sulfide.. 

  • Wheat
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Onions
  • Beans
  • Whole Grains 
  • Eggs

Car Interior Fabric

Trust us when we say the type car’s interior fabric in your car will also determine how long a fart smells. Cloth car seats are known to hold onto smells for longer while leather car seats do not hold onto smells.

Other factors that influence how long the fart smell in a car will linger include; 

  • Whether the HVAC system is on/off
  • The speed of the car
  • The aerodynamics of the car

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take a fart to dissipate?

The speed of a fart is known to be around 10foot/s. This means it takes you won’t smell your fart until 10 seconds after they are letting it out.

Q: Does a lighter get rid of fart smell?

Lighting a lighter will get rid of the fart smell. Since farts contain hydrogen sulfide. The lit lighter will create a sulfur ignition that will totally mask the fart smell.

Final Thoughts

Fart smells in the car can easily ruin your driving experience or a fun family car ride. As you can see, from the medical solutions to manual methods, getting rid of that horrible fart smell in no time is easy.

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