Can You Wear Perfume To School

Can You Wear Perfume To School

If you’re attending school you probably want to stand out from your peers and that’s completely natural and even encouraged. It can be seen as a part of finding out who you are as a person, and your personal style is a big aspect of expressing your personality. If you found this article, you most likely thought about wearing perfume to school.

In general, you can wear perfume to school. However, the answer might change depending on the school you go to. Some schools have “no-scent” policies, which not only ban wearing perfume, but also other scented cosmetics. Additionally, even if your school allows perfume, you should be aware of what comes with it.

This article will explain everything you should know about wearing perfume to school, recommend some of the best fragrances you should choose, and also present alternatives to perfume that can make you smell nice.

How to Wear Perfume to School

First of all, you have to be sure that your school allows wearing perfume to school. You can ask your teacher or counselor for information regarding it. If your school has some sort of “no-scent” policy, you won’t be able to wear perfume. You should respect that and other policies in place to avoid trouble and be a good person that other students look upon.

However, if your school doesn’t have a “no-scent” policy that restricts wearing perfume, you should know several things before you start doing that. First of all, choose the right perfume. We’re going to recommend several down the line, but for now, know that the perfume you wear should have a light scent with low projection and sillage.

Projection means how far away the scent travels from your body. Sillage means how long the scent is going to linger in the air. You want a perfume that’s not going to be noticed from far away, and whose scent can dissipate quickly.

It’s because most of your time at school is spent inside crampmed classrooms with limited ventilation. The last thing you want is to wear strong perfume felt by everyone. It can be distracting and even offensive to your fellow classmates, but scents can also cause allergic reactions ranging from respiratory problems to migraines.

Choosing the right perfume is only half the work because you also have to know how to properly wear it. First of all, you have to apply it on what’s called “pulse points” These are the points in your body where blood vessels are very close to the surface of the skin. Some of these points include:

  • Behind Your Ears
  • Inside Your Elbows
  • Inside Your Knees
  • Sides of Your Neck

But before applying the perfume, make sure the spot of your choice is clean. Most people apply perfume after taking a shower. Finally, spray perfume from a distance of 4-6 inches (10-15cm). The number of sprays depends on the perfume used and the person wearing it because everyone’s body reacts differently and projects the scent differently.

Here’s a chart for perfume strength and recommended number of sprays to use:

Perfume TypeConcentration of Perfume OilsDuration of ScentRecommended # of Sprays
Parfum20% to 30%~10 hours1
Eau de Partum15% to 20%6 to 8 hours1 to 2
Eau de Toilette5% to 15%4 to 6 hours3 to 4
Eau de Cologne2% to 5%3 to 4 hours3 to 4
Eau Eau Fraîche1% to 3%~2 hours3 to 4

Keep in mind that the duration and recommended number of sprays also depend on the season and exact perfume that’s used. Scents last longer during colder seasons and shorter during warmer, and two perfumes with the same concentration of oils can have different durations and intensities based on the exact ingredients used.

Recommended Perfumes to Wear to School

As we’ve mentioned before, you should choose a light perfume with low projection and sillage.

Here’s our recommendation for girls:

Launched in 2007, Daisy is the most popular fragrance made by Marc Jacobs. It was crafted by master perfumer Alberto Morillas and offers a floral-woody scent that’s light yet complex. It won the “Award Fragrance Of The Year Women’s Luxe” in 2008 and remains one of the best fragrances 15 years later.

Daisy has top notes of violet leaf, blood grapefruit, and strawberry, that are enhanced by middle notes of violet gardenia and jasmine. These scents are grounded in base notes of musk, white woods, and vanilla.

You can buy a 100ml (3.4 Fl. Oz.) bottle for about $94.

Here’s our recommendation for boys:

This Eau de Toilette was created by master perfumers Carlos Benaim and Christophe Laudamiel and launched in 2003. Since then, it has become one of the most liked Ralph Lauren scents.

Its light and refreshing character is a result of top notes of cucumber, melon, and mandarin orange, middle notes of basil, sage, and geranium, and base notes of suede, woodsy notes, and musk.

You can get 125ml (4.2 Fl. Oz.) of Polo Blue for about $72, making it a great option for the first fragrance.

(Q): Why Wear Perfume to School?

(A): Properly wearing perfume makes you smell nice, which can boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. High self-esteem helps with social and academic life, resulting in better grades and overall well-being.

(Q): Can I Bring My Perfume to School?

(A): We recommend against bringing your perfume to school. There’s no need to re-apply it if you already put it on before leaving home. Carrying a bottle of your perfume in your backpack is risky because you can accidentally break the bottle, making it leak into your backpack.

Final Words

More and more students are getting interested in wearing perfume. Some schools allow it, others don’t. If you’re a student thinking of wearing perfume to school, we hope this article helped you choose the right one and taught you how to wear it properly.

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