How To Get Rid Of Jeyes Fluid Smell

How To Get Rid Of Jeyes Fluid Smell

Do you need a quick fix to eliminate the pungent smell of the Jeyes fluid? If you do, you are in luck. The smell of disinfectants like Jeyes fluid can be quite disturbing. We understand your plight and why you don’t want it lingering in your home, especially when you have guests. 

To get rid of the Jeyes fluid smell, we recommend you start by exposing the affected area to air since the smell usually goes away after it dries up. Next, sprinkle a considerable amount of bicarbonate. Finally, spray a natural-based air freshener that is light enough to counter the smell.

You are expected to disinfect your surroundings as often as possible, so we understand if you constantly battle with Jeyes fluid smell. We’ll release all the crucial information you need to solve this problem.

DIY Ways to Get Rid of The Jeyes Fluid Smell

Here we’ve discussed in detail some of the best DIY remedies that will surely sort that Jeyes fluid smell problem.

Using a Natural/Floral Spray

A common way to eliminate this smell is to use a natural or flower-based air freshener. This scent helps cover the smell of the Jeyes fluid with a lighter scent that won’t cause affected areas to have another foul smell. 

An air freshener like the Zoflora mist has a scent that can help counter the smell of the Jeyes fluid and still serve as a disinfectant.

These air fresheners can either be in a spray bottle or as a stick-on gel. The spray is a more instant remedy, while the stick-on gel works over time. The major difference between these two is that the stick-on will last longer while the spray works when applied for a few minutes.

Bicarbonate of Soda

Using bicarbonate of soda can also help absorb the smell of Jeyes fluid. You only have to sprinkle bits of the powders on the areas affected and wait for the smell to be absorbed. This soda will help to leave the place smelling fresher than before.

You do not have to be worried about leaving a mark on surfaces. As soon as you wipe off the residue after you are satisfied with the smell you have, you are good to go.

White Vinegar

Another effective way to eliminate this smell is to use white vinegar. Mixing a little water with white vinegar can make all the difference you need, and you only need a little vinegar, water, and a small piece of clothing. Put this cloth inside your bowl of vinegar and water and gently rub it on the surfaces you have applied the disinfectant.

Doing this will slowly but surely mask the smell of the Jeyes fluid. It is also possible that the vinegar smell will replace the disinfectant, but this would be a light smell that will fade off in a matter of minutes.

Air Purifier

If you have a standby air purifier, you do not have to worry about the smell lingering for a long time since the purifier’s job is to help neutralize offensive odors. Once you use any disinfectant like the Jeyes fluid, you can be sure the smell will dissipate in minutes.

Note: This solution often is applicable when the Jeyes fluid spills inside your house, and you need to eliminate the smell. It is advisable that you do not use the product indoors. 

How to Determine the Right Amount of Jeyes Fluid To Use

Using the right amount of Jeyes fluid determines how long the smell lingers. If you use the right amount, you won’t need to worry about generating the discomforting smell of excess Jeyes fluid leaves. This is because natural ventilation should help eliminate the smell in minutes. 

Below is a table showing the amount of fluid and water you will need for different places.

Areas Amount 
Outdoor Tools10 ml per liter of water
Greenhouses35 ml per liter of water
Disinfecting Drains 15ml
Paths and Patios150ml per 5 liters of water

Ideally, the Jeyes fluid is for outdoor use only, increasing the likelihood of the smell going away on its own.

Different Jeyes Fluid Emergencies and their Remedies

In the event that you are faced with a Jeyes fluid health emergency, here are some simple yet effective solutions


Move the affected person away from where the fluid’s odor is strongest to a clean and properly ventilated area. Next, ensure that the person is calm and not surrounded by many people. If nothing changes, you should take the person to a hospital immediately.

Skin Contact

If the Jeyes fluid comes in contact with your skin, take off any piece of clothing covering the affected  area and wash well with soap and water. If you develop skin irritation, you should see a doctor.

Eye Contact

It would be best to immediately rinse the eyes with running water for about fifteen minutes to ensure that you get the fluid out of your eyes. If irritation occurs after this, you should contact a medical personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Jeyes Fluid Smell Harmful?

The smell of Jeyes fluid can be harmful, especially when an asthmatic person inhales it. The fluid can also react if it comes in contact with the skin.

Q: Can I Use the Jeyes Fluid Indoors?

It is advisable that you do not use this product indoors because of the strong smell and the chances of it leaving stains on the surfaces in your home.

Final Thoughts 

The smell of the Jeyes disinfectant is sometimes inevitable because it is essential for maintaining and disinfecting areas around the home. Hence, it is best you adopt some of the solutions we discussed to getting rid of the smell. This way you don’t need to wait or vacate your home until the smell clears naturally.

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