How To Get Rid Of Hotbox Smell In a Car

How To Get Rid Of Hotbox Smell In a Car

Smoking marijuana in an enclosed space is known as hotboxing. Although, doing this is supposed to intensify the effect of marijuana in your system, after a hotbox session, getting rid of the smell is crucial. This way, future car rides won’t leave your clothes smelling like weed and you can avoid legal issues. Read on to learn the best ways to get rid of hotbox smell in your car!

After a hotboxing session, open the windows so the trapped smoke can escape, ridding your car of the smell. Next, expose coffee or baking soda in the car; this absorbs the hotbox smell. Finally, use a long-lasting air freshener to restore your car’s smell.

We recommend that you avoid hotboxing in your car, but notwithstanding, if you have done it or can’t help it, getting rid of the smell from your car is not impossible. All you need to do is follow the steps we’ll discuss in the following sections.

Ways to Eliminate the Smell of Hotbox in a Car

In this section, we’ve curated and explained remedies you should consider when trying to eliminate this smell.

Airing Out Your Vehicle

Naturally, airing out your car should be the first thing you do when trying to get rid of the hotbox smell in your car. 

You must leave your windows down and allow the trapped smoke to escape the vehicle. If you are parked in a parking lot, drive around in circles with your windows down. This will aid in making fresh air come in easily.

Using an Air Freshener

Air freshener is also a good way to reduce the hotbox smell. Products like the cinnamon air freshener spray have been proven to be very effective in reducing this smell. No matter the fragrance you get, eliminating that hotbox smell in your car will be a breeze as long as it is cinnamon based.

Masking With Absorbents

Another easy way to eliminate the hot box smell is to mask it with absorbents. We recommend using either;

  • Ground Aromatic Coffee or 
  • Baking soda

Ground Aromatic Coffee

A properly ground aromatic coffee can do the trick. 

Once you can get this coffee, throw bits of it on your car’s carpet and mat, then close the doors and windows. Doing this will make your car smell like coffee, as the coffee will not only absorb but also mask the hotbox smell.

Once you are satisfied with the results and the hotbox smell is gone, clean the coffee residue. 

Tip: Use grounded coffee instead of instant coffee. Grounded coffee has a higher level of caffeine. 

Here are some easy-to-spot differences between ground coffee and instant coffee.

CharacteristicsGround coffeeInstant coffee
Caffeine contentA teaspoon of coffee contains 70-140 mg of caffeineA teaspoon of coffee contains 30-90 mg of caffeine
Quality and PriceIt is expensive and of high qualityIt is cheaper and of poor quality
Brewing timeIt takes a few minutes to prepareIt is instant
Reaction in liquidIt only releases flavor into the water but does not dissolveIt dissolves in liquid

Baking Soda

Another absorbent you should use is baking soda. All you need to do is get 2-4 boxes of the baking soda and leave it open inside your car, close the doors and windows and leave it for as long as possible. This baking soda will help absorb and eliminate your car’s hotbox smell. 

Using an Ozone Generator

The ozone generator is another very effective way to eliminate the hotbox smell. It involves placing an ozone generator in your car for a fixed amount of time. 

As the ozone gas is released in your vehicle, it neutralizes every other preexisting smell in your car. This method is guaranteed to work but is more expensive than the others suggested. 

Is it Possible to Hotbox in your Car Without the Smell?

It is possible to hotbox a car without the smell. How? You might ask. It is either you use the DIY filter roll or a weed vaporizer.

Using a DIY Filter Roll

For the DIY roll, all you need is;

  • The cardboard roll from an empty toilet paper
  • Two dryer sheets
  • A rubber band

Once you have all these, start by taking two dryer sheets and place them over the end of the cardboard roll and hold it in place with a rubber band. 

As you smoke, exhale through the other end, and that way, the roll should filter the smoke through the dryer sheets eliminating the odor. Remember to change the dryer sheets as often as possible, so it does not lose its effect.

Using a Weed vaporizer

Another method to prevent the hotbox smell is using a weed vaporizer to smoke. This vaporizer typically comes as a compact and easy-to-carry pen. It works by extracting the flavor and smell of the marijuana while retaining its effect. 

Tip: It is a good idea to use the vaporizer together with the DIY roll for better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Get High from Hotboxing Alone?

Hotboxing intensifies the effect of weed in the system, so even if you are not the one smoking, as long as you’re in the hotbox, you will get high and have the same results as someone due to secondhand smoking.

Q: Does Hotboxing Only Work in a Car?

There are other unventilated spaces one can practice hotboxing, like a closed bathroom, a basement, or any other enclosed space.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what you have to do to get the smell of weed and smoke out your car after a hotboxing session. Like any smell, it can eventually become annoying, not to mention the fact that weed is only legal in very few countries and states!

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