Can A 12 Year Old Wear Perfume

Can A 12 Year Old Wear Perfume

Many adults wear perfume, so it’s only natural that younger people would eventually be interested in trying it themselves. However, you might wonder whether a 12-year-old can wear perfume, and the answer is more complicated than it might seem at first.

In general, a 12-year-old can wear perfume, because there is no legal age limit on wearing it. However, as a parent, you should choose a perfume that is appropriate for a 12-year-old and teach them how to properly wear it. Some perfumes can be too strong for a 12-year-old, and other scents can be inappropriate for a young person.

There are also potential risks that come with wearing perfume, like allergic reactions. Additionally, some schools might not allow wearing perfume. If you’re interested in learning more about it, this article is just for you. We’ll cover all the nuisance and recommend some of the best perfumes for 12-year-olds to wear.

Things to Consider About 12-Year Olds Wearing Perfume

If you’ve decided to allow your 12-year-old to wear perfume, there are several things and risks to consider:

Allergic Reactions

Many perfumes include dozens of ingredients that can cause adverse reactions from skin irritation to respiratory problems. To minimize the risk of putting the health of your child just to wear perfume, make sure to avoid ingredients that you know your child is allergic to. 

To be even safer, prefer hypoallergenic perfumes that don’t include the vast majority of allergens known to cause allergies.

“Scent-Free” Policies

Some schools have “scent-free” policies, which restrict not only students but also workers from wearing scents, including scented shampoos, soap, and obviously, perfume.

Before allowing your child to wear perfume, make sure that the school they’re studying at doesn’t have such policies in place and scents are allowed.

Reasons For Wearing Perfume

Talk with your child about the reasons why they want to wear perfume. As a parent, you shouldn’t force your child to wear perfume, so only consider such a possibility if they’re the ones who brought it up in the first place.

If they’re simply interested in scents and want to smell good, that’s enough of a reason to allow and support them in this new endeavor. However, if you don’t like their reasoning for wearing perfume, you should think twice and maintain the conversation open.

Best Perfumes for 12-Year Olds

12-year-olds can wear lighter scents designed for adults, but there are also many options that were specifically designed for the younger audience. We’re going to recommend X perfumes that you should look into when shopping for the first perfume for your child:

This aromatic-floral fragrance by the Italian luxury brand Bvlgari was the first one designed specifically for children. It was created by the master perfumer Nathalie Lorson in 1997.

Petits et Mamans is alcohol-free and features a sweet base of powdery notes, vanilla, and white peach that are enhanced by middle notes of chamomile, sunflower, and rose, and is topped off by top notes of Brazilian rosewood, Sicilian orange, and Bergamot.

You can get a 100ml (3.4 Fl. Oz.) bottle for around $56, and it’s suitable for both girls and boys.

Another great unisex option suitable for both boys and girls is CK One by Calvin Klein. It was created by master perfumers Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont and launched in 1994. Since then, CK One has probably become the most popular fragrance of this company.

It offers bate notes of sandalwood, amber, musk, cedar, and oakmoss that are enhanced by middle notes of nutmeg, violet, orris root, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and rose, just to be adorned by top notes of pineapple, mandarin orange, papaya, bergamot, cardamom, and lemon.

Such a complex scent profile makes it great for those youngsters who want to wear something more mature without being offensive.

You can buy 200ml (6.7 Fl. Oz) for about $75.

The name of this perfume translates to “life is beautiful”, and this fragrance is all about that. Launched in 2012 by Lancôme which belongs to the L’Oréal Luxury Products division, this perfume offers a light yet energizing scent suitable for younger girls.

It features top notes of black currant and pear, middle notes of iris, jasmine, and orange blossom that compliment base notes of praline, vanilla, patchouli, and tonka bean.

You can buy a 100ml (3.4 Fl. Oz.) bottle for around $94.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(Q): What’s The Youngest Age Kids Can Start Wearing Perfume?

(A): There’s no youngest age at which children can start wearing perfume. There’s even perfume for babies! That being said, waiting until puberty, or at least until they’re school age is recommended. There aren’t many reasons for kids younger than that to wear perfume, and it can cause allergic reactions in other kids in kindergarten.

(Q): How to Choose The Right Perfume for a 12-Year-Old?

(A): Choosing the right perfume is always time-consuming, and it’s no different from finding the right one for a 12-year-old. If you own some perfume yourself, let your 12-year-old try them and see if there’s a certain scent profile or notes that they like. Then, you can go shopping for perfumes with similar profiles.

(Q): How Should a 12-Year-Old Wear Perfume?

(A): Kids should follow the same perfume-wearing practices as adults do. The first and most important one is to not overdo it. Depending on the perfume used, a single spray is most often more than enough to wear the scent without it being too much for people around. 

Then, if applied to the wrists, don’t rub them. Finally, they should avoid wearing perfume every day to not get their nose too accustomed to the scent.

Final Words

Kids wearing perfume is an interesting topic because there’s nothing stopping them from doing so, but there are still many things to consider. We hope this article helped you understand some of the possible problems arising from it, and decide if and how you should encourage your child to wear perfume.

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